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DIRSA - División de Residuos Sólidos 

Address: Calle 122 No.52-49. Bogotá D.C

Phone: +571 3586685
Mobile: +57 3102397872

e-mail: arrietageovanis@gmail.com

DIRSAIt is the Technical Division of AIDIS, whose purpose is to develop the solid waste subsector, by uniting professionals from the 32 countries of the Americas, identifying specialists and professionals who work in the different stages of the integral management of common solid waste, dangerous and special. Thus becoming a technical reference and an agency that promotes the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in different countries of America and the rest of the world.
This is how it develops thematic congresses, symposiums, courses, technical talks and specialized studies, to disseminate knowledge, contribute to the solutions and keep the professionals updated, who are dedicated to the topic of solid waste.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Each national chapter representative of AIDIS appoints two professionals per country to be representatives of DIRSA, who are coordinated by a Director responsible for the Technical Division, which is elected by the representatives of DIRSA of each country and ratified by the General Assembly of AIDIS , for a period of two years. Said Director is a member of the Technical Committee of AIDIS Interamericana.
The Director for the 2018-2020 period is Ing. Geovanis José Arrieta Bernate, of Colombian origin, Sanitary Engineer, Specialist in Municipal Government, Specialist in Integral Management of Public Public Services and MSc. In Urban Management.

WORK PLAN DIRSA 2018 - 2020


DIRSA CONGRESS: Since 2005, the Inter-American Solid Waste Congress has been held every two years. The host countries have been: Mexico-2005; Chile-2007, Argentina-2009; Ecuador (Quito) -2011; Peru-2013; El Salvador-2015; Ecuador (Cuenca) -2017.
The 8th DIRSA Congress will be in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, from May 22 to 24, 2019, the program and information is on: http://aidisparaguay.org.py/congresodirsa2019/

: In each Inter-American congress held every two years (even years), a special room is designated to expose the technical works of solid waste where the DIRSA symposium is held, which has more than 14 editions.
The XXXVII AIDIS Congress will be held in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2018, where the next DIRSA Symposium will take place.

: In order to promote and raise the levels of awareness of the problem of solid waste management in the Americas and involve citizens in the search for solutions, placing as a premise and social commitment to eradicate the unhealthy work of people who they are dedicated to searching the dumps, especially taking children out of these inhuman conditions, the "Inter-American Days for Cleaning and Citizenship-DIADESOL", which are constituted in Good Environmental Practices of Urban Cleaning.
Because AIDIS in 2002, together with 6 international organizations, in the framework of the XXVIII Interamerican Congress of AIDIS, in the city of Cancún, Mexico, to name the third Saturday of September as "Inter-American Day of Cleaning and Citizenship (DIADESOL) ", which promotes activities in all countries of the Americas, seeking the participation of citizens in favor of good practices in the management of solid waste.

DIRSA AWARD: The Solid Waste Division, with the purpose of recognizing the trajectory of those professionals who have contributed to the knowledge of solid waste management, to the training of professionals of the sector and who throughout their years of professional practice have promoted the unionism and the union of the peoples of the Americas, through its participation in AIDIS, creates the DIRSA Prize, which is awarded every two years within the framework of the DIRSA congress.





2017-2018 Ing. Juan Guillermo Umaña - EL SALVADOR
2015-2016 Dr. Darci Barnech Campani - BRASIL
2013-2014 Ing. Francisco de la Torre - ECUADOR
2011-2012 Ing. Francisco de la Torre - ECUADOR
2009-2010 Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza - MÉXICO
2007-2008 Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza - MÉXICO
2005-2006 Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza - MÉXICO
2003-2004 Ing. Alejandro Sarubbi - ARGENTINA
2001-2002 Ing. Francisco Zepeda - MÉXICO