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DIEDE - División de Riesgos y Desastres

Address: 3ª. Av. 40-08, zona 8, Guatemala

Phone: (502) 30069932

e-mail: rrperezoliva1@gmail.com


  1. On April 26, 2017 (as recorded in the minutes of the Ordinary General Assembly of AIDIS, held in Cuenca, Ecuador, two new Technical Divisions are approved and the director of each of them is appointed), as stated in the same minutes: " The creation of the Division of Risk and Disaster Management was approved: Eng. Rubén Pérez (Guatemala) ".
  2. In advance of the appointment of the Director of the D.T. of Risk and Disaster Management, a work plan is presented called: PROPOSAL OF THE AIDIS TECHNICAL DIVISION OF RISKS AND DISASTERS TECHNICAL DIVISION 2017-2020 ".
  3. In a virtual meeting held with the President and Technical Vice President of AIDIS, the challenges that the new technical division, with the name of "Risk and Disaster Management", will have in that year 2017 and towards the future.
  4. With support from the presidency of AIDIS and before the series of emergencies and disasters that have been happening in the region in 2017, from June onwards the integration of two AIDIS response teams called: a) Strategic Group and b) begins Immediate Response Group.
  5. On October 12 and 13, 2010, a workshop called "Response Teams: The Preparation of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector against Outbreaks, Epidemics and Sanitary Emergencies" was held in Bogotá, Colombia, coordinated jointly by PAHO / WHO and AIDIS. The scope of the project was to "Generate a space for training and training for professionals of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary Engineering (AIDIS) and national professionals of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) to improve institutional capacity in preparation and answer and integrate them to the regional response team to give support to the countries of the Latin American region in cases of health crisis ".
  6. On October 14, 2,017, in a management session with the participation of: Dra. Pilar Tello, President of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - AIDIS-; Dr. Ciro Ugarte, Director of the Department of Emergencies in Health -PHE- PAHO / WHO; Dr. Leonardo Hernández, Operations Center Manager -ECO- PAHO / WHO; Ing. Henry Hernández, Regional Advisor on Water and Sanitation in Emergencies of PAHO / WHO; Dr. Rubén Pérez, Director of the Technical Division of Risk and Disaster Management, AIDIS; with the objective of: "Developing a joint OPS-AIDIS plan in the management of disaster risk in the water, sanitation, waste and hygiene component".
  7. In January 2018, the theme "Risk Management" was included as part of the III Congress on Drinking Water and Rural Sanitation -DISAR-, to be held from June 13 to 16 of this year.
  8. On February 1, 2018, a new planning of activities was carried out in follow-up to the agreements agreed on October 14, 2017, between PAHO / WHO and AIDIS. Transferring the planning proposal to Dr. Pilar Tello, who requested that everything be channeled through the presidency of AIDIS.
  9. Work is currently underway in the Technical Works Review Commission of the III DISAR Congress.
  10. The subject of risk management has been incorporated into the III DISAR Congress through two tables:
  11. Risk management, emergencies and disasters, with lessons learned from the earthquakes in Mexico, Chile and San Marcos, Guatemala.
  12. Water, sanitation and hygiene in health facilities.
  13. It has been participating in the water, sanitation and hygiene cluster (coordinated by UNICEF), with all national and international institutions of the sector in Guatemala, in the planning and management of risks, emergencies and disasters, so far in 2018 .
  14. Work is currently underway in the water, sanitation and hygiene cluster (HSA), in the development of humanitarian aid, in the face of emergencies caused by the eruptions of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala.
  15. Through the president of AIDIS Pilar Tello, a Disasters table is prepared for the Inter-American Congress of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  16. It has been feeding the "Window of disasters of AIDIS", before the different events, such as eruption of the volcano of Fire, Hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. (making a summary of the information released by the National Hurricane Center of Miami). In addition to reporting earthquakes (Haiti, Oaxaca) and other disasters.
  17. Other documents have been identified that need to be reviewed and updated:
  18. Chronicles of disasters from hurricanes Georges and Mitch. PAHO / WHO, 1999.
  19. Emergency health administration with posterity to natural disasters, PAHO / WHO, 1981.
  20. Vector control with posterity to natural disasters. PAHO / WHO, 1982
  21. Epidemiological surveillance with posterity to natural disasters, PAHO / WHO, 1982.
  22. Mitigation of disasters in health facilities, General Aspects, volume 1, PAHO / WHO, 1993.
  23. Mitigation of disasters in health facilities, Aspects of Architecture, Volume 2, PAHO / WHO, 1993.
  24. Mitigation of disasters in health facilities, Administrative Aspects of Health, volume 3, PAHO / WHO, 1993.
  25. Mitigation of disasters in health facilities, Engineering Aspects, volume 4, PAHO / WHO, 1993.
  26. Damage assessment and needs analysis, Field Manual, USAID, 2001.
  27. Volcanoes and health protection, PAHO / WHO, 2002.
  28. Solid Waste Management in Disaster Situations, PAHO / WHO, 2003.
  29. Manual for emergency situations in the field, A Guide for UNICEF Staff, 2005.
  30. Preparations in health, water and sanitation for the local response to disasters, PAHO-European Commission, 2007.

Work plan 2018-2020



2017-2018 Dr. Rubén Pérez Oliva - GUATEMALA
2015-2016 -
2013-2014 Quím. Jorge Luiz Nobre Gouveia - BRASIL
2011-2012 Ing. German Araya Montezuma - COSTA RICA
2009-2010 -
2007-2008 Ing. German Araya Montezuma - COSTA RICA
2005-2006 Ing. German Araya Montezuma - COSTA RICA
2003-2004 Ing. German Araya Montezuma - COSTA RICA
2001-2002 Ing. German Araya Montezuma - COSTA RICA