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Dr. Pilar Tello Espinoza is environmental engineer of the National Engineering University of Peru, and holds a master's degree in environmental engineering in the area of hazardous waste by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a doctorate in environmental engineering in the area of urban solid waste at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Has an experience of 25 years as a consultant and adviser in the field of waste for Latin America in international agencies and national Governments.



September 2018


Our responsability! Do not mess!

Since 2002, AIDIS during September promotes the celebration of DIADESOL and works in Pro to reach people with the message of the responsibility to keep our cities clean and the responsibility we all have that we live in this beautiful continent to take care of our environment and not generate waste and pour it into the streets.



During this year, we have seen in America terrible cases of contamination of Rivers, the last one more sounded the one of Rio Ozama in Santo Domingo, news that went around the world, due to solid waste product of the drag of the rain of the same, these cases are caused by lack of collection services of wide coverage, but also by the lack of sensitivity of the citizen who leaves the waste in the streets, ravines, vacant land, confident that at some point the cleaning service of the city will collect, without realizing that these services, however good they may be, have collection programs, with schedules and distribution of routes that must be met and can not be cleaned all day.

In addition, in America most municipalities do not charge and in other cases citizens do not pay for the service of collection and final disposal of waste, which is recorded because the economic resource that the municipalities receive to provide the service is insufficient.

In this DIADESOL 2018, I invite you all to do something from the place where we are, change our eating habits: let's serve what we are going to eat so as not to leave organic residues that generate greenhouse gases and are the habitat of pathogens and vectors; use reusable bags to make our purchases and we will separate our waste at home no matter if at the door the service, for now, the mix, we will do our best for the welfare of our America and our planet.

May the cities of America celebrate a great DIADESOL 2018. Let's take care of the Common House!!!

_ Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ Presidenta de AIDIS 2016/2018


March 2018


This year in AIDIS we are commemorating the World Day for Water in the framework of the "8th World Water Forum" which is taking place in Brasilia from 18th until March 23rd.


The World Water Forums are held every 3 years and are in charge of the World Water Council and the host country. In this case, Brazil is the first country in South America that receives this event and is the second in America, as the first was in Mexico in 2006. The next Global Forum in the year 2021 will be in Senegal, Africa.
In this forum have met all organizations of the United Nations FAO, WHO, PAHO, UNESCO, UNEP, etc., banks, ngos, universities, governments, to deal with all the issues related to water.

The topics of greatest relevance and concern are the compliance of the ODS, especially ODS 6 related to "Ensure the availability of and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all". Also the theme of governance and the importance of decision-making in politics; the sources of investment for the construction of works that not only carry the water to the population, but also the water will be of quality, highlighted the increase in investment that, with respect to the year 2005 increased by 67%, but still not enough. In the 2015 8600 was disbursed millions of dollars. Also addressed the issue of the "water stress" that affects more than 2000 million people.

In the framework of this event has also developed the Alternative World Water Forum - FAMA, in different locations, such as the university, where they have gathered especially Brazilians from different cities to talk about the problems afflicting them especially related to the legal instruments to a commercialisation of water, so that the event has the motto: "Water is a right not a commodity."

AIDIS is present in both events; in the Alternative Forum with a presentation to the bodies of water operators of Rio Grande do Sul by Darci Campani VP of Planning and Finance of AIDIS and as a panelist the president of AIDIS; and at the World Water Forum with the organization of the bureau Waste water reuse from an integrated resource management perspective, with the moderation of the president-elect AIDIS Ing. Martin Mendez and the president of AIDIS as a panelist, highlighting the issue of the reuse of water as an alternative to the conservation of water resources.
It should be noted that have integrated round several members of AIDIS and the participation of the CWWA with the bureau "Climate Change the cost of no action." with the slogan: "small island big voices". We have also had the participation of members of AIDIS Young especially the representation of Costa Rica and Honduras.

March 22nd 2018

_ Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018


February 2018

"Men and women who created and strengthened to AIDIS to make today the Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering's oldest and largest in Latin America and the Caribbean"

The Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - AIDIS brings together engineers and other professionals dedicated to the sanitary engineering and environmental sciences; was created with the purpose of promoting the exchange of experiences, sanitation and the development of the sanitary engineering as a profession.

In the decade of the 40's, during the Second War, a significant number of waterworks were conducted in North America, causing it will double the amount of sanitary engineers and contributed to the Inter-American cooperation of the members of the profession.

In the framework of the LXXI Annual Meeting of the Association of the United States Public Health Service (USPHA), in Saint Louis, Missouri, on October 15, 1942 Meet sanitary engineers of 14 countries, among which were Abel Wolman, Carlos Guard, of Panama; Atahualpa Ruiz, of Ecuador; Angel Valcarcel, of Guatemala; Carlos López Fuentes, of Mexico, and Luis F. Mantilla, from Peru.

This event was the first public discussion to create an Inter-American Association of Sanitary Engineering, an idea that Wolman visualized with the purpose of standardizing rules. It was founded on 14 April 1948, during his first Inter-American Congress held in Santiago de Chile. In the 50 years the task that confronted the sanitary engineering was monumental, in almost all countries the majority of the population lacked access to potable water and sewerage, and water-borne diseases causing high mortality. Sanitary Engineering programs in Mexico and Peru together training close to 20 sanitary engineers a year, substantially less than the 75 generated by American Universities.
AIDIS maintained the biennial congresses without interruption and the magazine AIDIS with the aim of providing cutting-edge information in the development of the projects and developments in the ing health care in the world.

Toward the 60's the AIDIS began to act as a chain of transmission for the drinking water plans of PAHO/WHO. AIDIS had great success in this task, because I had the role to assist in the developing countries.
In the following 30 years the fate of the sanitary engineering and the AIDIS would be linked strongly, as well as its relationship with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) for all the work they performed.

In 1989 the AIDIS acquires its first permanent headquarters, which he calls "Abel Wolman", was a house offered by the Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo - SABESP, located in São Paulo, under the presidency of the engineer Paulo Cezar Pinto.

In the 2009 AIDIS purchase their own headquarters in São Paulo, with resources from the Pro-Sede Fund, an initiative of the former presidents Charles Morse and Maria C. Flores de Otero, who created the fund in 1990.

Currently, the association of more than 32,000 partners from the 32 member countries represented by their National Associations/sections 24 and the CWIS-Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association. Each one of its national sections works based on the objectives and local problems, trying to overcome the challenges that each country faces in the sector.
To complement its action on the American continent, AIDIS maintains an agreement with the most important associations fellow human beings throughout the world, such as AWWA, WEF, ISWA, IWA, the World Water Council, ECLAC, IDRC, Canada and others. In addition to continually strengthen their bonds of collaboration with PAHO/WHO, IDB, World Bank, OAS and other multilateral agencies and financial institutions.

AIDIS done every 2 years its Inter-American Congress, Regional Conferences, Congresses, in addition to numerous seminars, high-level technical meetings, symposia, courses and others.
This 2018 AIDIS completes 70 uninterrupted years of life and work and we will celebrate in our 36th AIDIS Inter-American Congress to be held from 28 to 31 October in Guayaquil Ecuador, where we will discuss some of the issues that affect our countries in the environmental issue and will present the advances and cutting-edge projects developed in the world.

__ Dr. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018

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December 2017

Dear friends:

Another year more than we were, another year full of goals and achievements accomplished by the that we are proud of the great family of AIDIS.

During these dates of harmony we wish to illuminate their homes of peace, love and union.

AIDIS wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


__ Dr. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018


September 2017

Dear friends of Latin America:

the next 16 September, the third Saturday of September is the day America celebrates the "Inter-American Day of cleaning and citizenship", this date arises from the agreement signed by: the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (AIDIS), the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP); which was held on 28 October 2002 in Cancun, Mexico, in the framework of the 28th Inter-American AIDIS Congress.


This day has great significance because it highlights the commitment of the citizen, all of us, to keep clean our cities, so as not to affect the health , the ambeinte , the sources of water and drains. That is why this day is important because we want the citizens to be responsible and committed to clean up the streets, clean the bodies of water, rivers, beaches, and teach with that concern children that we must not pour waste because we see what it actually costs to clean up our environment.

In this year in a special way I would like to highlight the commitment of the Dominican Republic on everything to the Lord President Danilo Medina Sanchez, for having signed the
Presidential Decree that creates the DIADESOL in RD, The which is performed for the first time in the island. This 16 September the President will be giving the flag for more than 17 municipalities committed to clean in conjunction with staff of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministries of Education, City Hall, the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, ngos, among others.

I invite you all, to this day we unite in this effort, and if we cannot clean, then you don't get all dirty our cities or any other place.

Best regards,

_ Dr. Carmen del Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018


April 2017

Dear Friends,

We have the great pleasure to share with you the anniversary of AIDIS, April 14 complete 69 years.

This young lady, with the participation of all, has fulfilled its role of exchange actions of scientific and technological development in the area of environmental sanitation in the Americas and the Caribbean and probably also with the collaboration of all, we will face the great challenges that globalization, climate change, social inclusion, among others, are presented in front of us.


In these first months of the new Management 2016 - 2018, the following agreements were signed:

  • CETESB – Agencia Ambiental del Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
  • ISWA – International Solid Waste Association
  • OPS – Organización Panamericana de la Salud
  • UNAM – Universidad Autónoma de México
  • AESABESP – Asociación de los Ingenieros de SABESP
  • UPADI –  Unión Panamericana de las Asociaciones de Ingenieros (will be signed in the 7º DIRSA Congress).

In addition, the time travel so far i have made two visits to AIDIS Headquarters, guidance to the Executive Management and Direction of Communication of how the work should be carried out and that it galvanizes the figure of AIDIS through the site on the web and also through the strategic contacts made through the AIDIS Headquarters.
In this way, with much work and effort is that we intend to AIDIS deal increasingly prominent place in every country where it has its representation.

Best regards,

_ Dr. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018


December 2016

It seems incredible that the year end…
How time!!… our multiple occupations many times do not allow us to enjoy the wonders that gives us every day, however we found in AIDIS and its members, the affection and respect that we have all and that through working together, their messages, thoughts or news we welcome every day.

I have seen in my life that the striving and pursues his dreams, the get, that is why we must strive to continue dreaming a AIDIS strong, healthy but above all committed to work for the water and sanitation in the Americas.


Wish you a Merry Christmas and may the New Year can realize their dreams.
A bear hug to all our friends and colleagues of AIDIS and their families.

_ Dr. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018


October 2016

It is an honor for me to assume the post as President of AIDIS and continue to fight for the ideals of the association to which I belong since the beginning of my professional life.

I am very grateful to Eng. Luiz Augusto de Lima Pontes, who has dedicated not only the two years as President but 20 years fighting by AIDIS of disinterested way and unconditional and now it is an honor for me to take the baton of their hands.


I reaffirm my commitment to the growth and strengthening of AIDIS looking for that is permanently the leading association in the Americas, providing direct advisory services to Governments and international institutions in the Health Sector and the Environment, through the Vice Presidency technique and their technical divisions in the themes of drinking water, waste water, water resource, solid waste, hazardous waste, climate change, air quality, reuse of water and; water and sanitation in rural areas, as well as the creation of support groups for attention to natural disasters and epidemics, with the purpose of helping to achieve the objectives of sustainable development ODS for the 2030 in America.

The creation of the Division AIDIS Joven during my period of work will integrate directly to both undergraduate and graduate students, encouraging the mass dissemination of environmental issues in the social networks and research in a responsible manner and agile.

Another important aspect is the strengthening of the chapters, its visibility is essential to the growth of AIDIS and this will be achieved through the intensive involvement of the Regional Vice President, Technical Vice President and Vice President of Planning and Finance through the realization of high-level events that enable training and position to the specialists.

A primary objective is the development of the Ten Year Plan 2016-2026 AIDIS for the creation of strategies and activities that will lead to comply with the objectives mission and vision of an proactive AIDIS.

Story with a team of committed and entusiata work on which they are gathered the best specialists of the region, as well as my advisers to the that I admire and respect, with them I share the same values and the same love of AIDIS and therefore I conclude my words with a phrase of the Encyclical Laudato if the Pope Francisco "God has given the earth to the whole human race for the support to all its inhabitants, without excluding anyone or give preference to none".

Best regards,

_ Dra. Pilar Tello Espinoza
_ AIDIS President 2016/2018