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AIDIS 2018/2020 President's Message

Civil Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico D.F., Master in Sanitary Engineering from the Regional School of Sanitary Engineering and Hydraulic Resources ERIS of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala "USAC".
Diploma in Public Policies, Human Rights and Climate Change. Henry Dunant Foundation Chile.
Independent National and International Consultant on water, sanitation and environment issues.
Appointed as Global Focal Point by ONU AGUA for Guatemala, for the reporting and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals SDG6.

Martin Mendez Resume


November 2018

The Oath that I made as President of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering "AIDIS", and the confidence placed in me by all the national chapters of AIDIS inspires me with great humility and represents a commitment of honor for me.

Our association has a national chapter in each of the countries of the Americas, which brings together the best professionals, academics, institutions, universities, organizations and institutions and in general the entities that are committed to the preservation, management and care of water , sanitation and environment, to provide viable technical and economic solutions that allow a decent life for our populations.

In the spirit of AIDIS the common goal prevails, because it is in the genes that its founders have inherited us, a spirit that today and always will live in all of us; That course was set 70 years ago and that vision has been walked along with the leaders who in their time have made their contribution with mysticism, commitment and dignity.


For AIDIS, it is both a challenge and a great opportunity to promote actions that urgently resolve the global water and sanitation crisis, since this has serious consequences that affect, among other aspects: peace, human rights, security food, equality, security, population migration, gender equality, nutrition of children under 5 years of age and the health of populations. That is the north of the AIDIS 2030 Strategic Plan.

The pressure exerted on our planet reaches extreme limits and the consequences represent a heavy burden for humanity. Climate Change saturates us with warnings to make the necessary adaptations in consumption, in Public Policies and in the lack of controls to reduce pollution. The shortcomings of our political systems, together with the lack of ethics and corruption, do little to strengthen democracies and institutions.

The Sustainable Development Goals ODS, represent the guide for each country to make concrete contributions for the benefit of those who are living in an underworld without water, without sanitation, without food, without health, without education, among other services and with prevalence of Transmissible diseases, this can not continue to happen in the 21st century and it is an unforgivable lack of human rights.
We will be supporting the development of guides and instruments and public policies that allow countries to address the problem of water conflicts.

I send a fraternal greeting to the former President Dr. Pilar Tello, from whom I received this responsibility, to the elected President Esteban Leigue, to all those who accompany me on the Executive Committee; I send my embrace to all the presidents of AIDIS and to the Presidents of the National Sections, my respect and admiration. You are our guide to continue strengthening our Association and all the partners and friends and institutions that help to strengthen AIDIS such as the Pan American Health Organization PAHO-WHO, financial entities and the United Nations system, with whom we maintain an alliance and commitment from our foundation for health care and the progress of our populations.




_Msc. Eng. Martin Mendez y Mendez
_ AIDIS President 2018/2020


October 2018

Words from the President of AIDIS, Msc. Eng. Martin Mendez from Guatemala, who takes up his position during the 36th AIDIS 2018 Congress in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


_Msc. Eng. Martin Mendez y Mendez
_ AIDIS President 2018/2020